Ultimate Love At First Sight Collection

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Our handmade 3-D Flowers are the best way to make your new set stand out! The 3-D Flowers are curved to perfectly fit all nail sizes for easy application.

We recommend using a big bead of acrylic, glue gel, brush on glue or hard gel to adhere the 3-D Flower to the nail. The 3-D Flowers are very thin and easy to encapsulate.

To remove the 3-D Flower, use an old cuticle clipper to clip at the sides until they pop off. Finish the removal with an electric file until it is smooth.

This set includes 20 3-D Flowers in various colors: 

  • 2 pcs Nude
  • 2 pcs  Black
  • 2 pcs Teals
  • 2pcs  White & Yellow
  • 2 pcs Pink & White
  • 2pcs  Nude & White
  • 2 pcs Light Purple
  • 2 pcs Red & Green Leaves
  • 2 pcs Black & Red
  • 2 pcs Red & Black Ombré