Christmas Decoration 3-D Trial Set II

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! As requested, here are the only and only Trial Set items for all the Christmas lovers!

You could be the envy of all your friends and family at the Christmas Party or you can buy a package to share with your loved ones! That's how Santa would want it! 

We recommend using a big bead of acrylic, glue gel, brush on glue or hard gel to adhere the 3-D Art to the nail. 

To remove the 3-D Art, use an old cuticle clipper to clip at the sides until they pop off. Finish the removal with an electric file until it is smooth.

This Christmas Decoration trial set includes 22 3-D Art pieces.

  • 4 Santa Claus Head
  • 2 Snowman (1/2 size)
  • 2 Snowman (Full size)
  • 2 Reindeer (Head)
  • 2 Reindeer (Full)
  • 2 Santa (Full)
  • 2 Penguin
  • 2 Penguin with Red Stocking
  • 2 Teddy Bear
  • 2 Christmas Tree

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